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admin – writer
Gutrazda – co-writer
Anson Kiraly – Audio recordings

Welcome to “Himma daga“. This website is an initiative by me to start in publishing our daily news in the Gothic language.
Other contributors are Gutrazda, a co-writer, and Anson who records the articles. The idea for this website is partly inspired by Nuntii Latini and other news websites in the Latin language. Those websites make use of the huge Latin corpus.

There are other ancient languages too like Phoenician, Gaulish, Lepontian, Aquitanian, but they all have a very dense corpus, too less to write a decent text in those languages. Gothic however has a big collection of words and our vocabulary is enough to write short texts in it with some neologisms. Hebrew also was revived and newspapers are written in it nowadays, this proves that an ancient language can be used for modern use, although it may differ from the original.

Of course we have our restrictions. In Gothic we have the vocabulary and the morphology, but because Greek and Latin were considered higher languages the word order was almost completely in Greek. Because the Skeireins and the sentences in the Gothic Bible which aren’t direct translations of Greek are few, there is choosen to use a SOV word order which is free, the reason why we can do this is because the Skeireins, which is very likely to be original Gothic as it isn’t a direct translation of Greek and has pecular idiom which isn’t present in Latin, shows a free word order and, similar to old English words, words can be placed anywhere in the sentence without changing the meaning. Of course our Gothic isn’t the same as the Gothic spoken by the Goths, we don’t know the exact word order they used, but we have knowledge of Proto-Germanic, runes and Old English, we also know that most old Germanic languages had a similar word order so Gothic can’t be too different from them. This website however might be ideal for students of the Gothic language which also want to use the language in a different way which is more suited for this time. The website uses Gothic morphology and Gothic words instead of other old Germanic words to form new words and news articles contain both the Gothic version and a Latin transcription, so if you want to practice Gothic without the Bible this site may be useful, you can practice recognizing declinations of words, but you can also practice your vocabulary or reading in the Gothic script by Wulfila.

I added vocabulary to the Gothic news articles. There was a need for a good understanding among beginners and the translation of hard words make it possible to learn what the words mean but also to translate the text with them, learning the words in a context provides better learning. I currently added English translations, but if you speak a different language and there is a big need for translations in your language, I can add them too. Just reply here and if your language is widely-used (this means that you don’t speak a small minority language) I could add it.

The news articles are mainly translations from existing news articles. Because only official newspapers like The Daily Mail or the New York Times are used in the case of English or nu.nl when Dutch news articles are translated. There have been complaints about the news sources that are used here; therefore we also try to share the views of different news sources, so that the news can be brought from different perspectives, we will try to show the view of RT, Al Jazeera and Western and other news sources for items for example and we try to give a balanced view.

If you have any suggestions or comments, you can post them here.

If you want help with book translations in Gothic, go to my contact page.

Have fun reading!


2 thoughts on “About / Bi þana natjastaþ

  1. This site is a great idea, and is definitely something that can help with Gothic revival. It may even be a good idea to translate older short texts from other Germanic languages. Keep up the great work.


    • Hi Matthäus, thanks for your comment. This website was partly inspired by Eliezer Ben-Yehuda who translated news into Hebrew when it wasn’t revived yet. Unfortunately I don’t know other ancient Germanic languages very well, but if someone could give word-for-word translations it would be possible. I ‘m still learning Latin, when it’s good enough I could translate more poems of visigoths into Gothic. I only translated one so far, from adolphus of Orleans I believe.


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