Interactive Learning System for Gothic

lesson 1-2

The Gothic Revival Discord offers an interactive learning system to teach yourself Gothic from an absolute beginner level. This learning system is under constant construction and offers vocabulary, grammar and translation exercises. The interactive aspect of this course system is entering a next level by doing speed tests in which you will be tested on your skills and knowledge, but you’ll also get tests in which you will be tested on the translation or listening skills which you learned. This system makes use of aspects which Discord offers and you can always ask for help or ask questions because it functions within Discord, which is a service to chat.

Discord link

Apart from that this place offers a word creation system in which one can submit possible neologisms for Gothic which will be checked by professionals and advanced users, after which suggestions can be added to the dictionary on this website, but you can also chat with like-minded people interested in Gothic!

This server is run by administrators and moderators of the Gothic Wikipedia, Gothic Subreddit and Facebook groups.

If you want to participate and don’t have a Discord account yet, you can create one while you go to the link above.