Þeina liuþa usmerida in Gutiskai razdai


Waurd Haurd Prais usmereiþ bokos miþ andwairþaim liuþam in Gutiskai razdai. Magt insandjan þeina liuþa jah jabai sind gatila, þeina liuþa aufto usmerjanda in þaim bokom. Und þana dag 20 Saiptaimbair, 2018, mahts ist insandjan þeina waurstwa jah aufto þeina waurstwa jainar sijaina.

Du insandjan þeina waurstwa, sandei e-bokos du Waurd Hoard Prais, þau gagg du Rodei miþ mis ana Himma Daga.


Word Hoard Press will publish a book with modern poetry in the Gothic language. You can send your poems/songs to them and if they are good enough, your poems/songs might get published in this book. The deadline for submissions is September 20th, 2018.

To submit your works, either contact Word Hoard Press directly, or go to the contact page of Himma Daga.

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