Himma daga ist dags swartis kattaus

Aihands swartaize kattiwe mageina dulþjan himma daga, unte 17 agustus ist dags swartis kattaus.

Jainamma daga ist dags in þammei þishun swarts kattus gaminþjada jah in frastisibjins us aswulau nimada, unte hwops swartis kattaus nist kunþs swa sa batista hwops.

Ju in midumajerahundam aikklesjons swartans kattuns swa ubilai gaumjanda waurþun. Haljarunos sik silbons in swartaim kattum inmaididedeina. Sa dags swartis kattaus fram Wen Maurris (Wayne Morris) in jera •baa´• (2011) gasuliþs was.

aihands = owner

dulþjan = celebrate

frastisibja = adoption

*midumajerahund (n. A) = medieval age

*haljaruna (f. O) = witch

inmaididedeina = they would change

gasuljan = to found


5 responses to “Himma daga ist dags swartis kattaus

  1. hails! ƕaiwa qiþada “website”? wiljau qiþan awiliudo izwis faúr “the website”. goþs ist!

    iþ her sind filu waurde þoei ni fraþja. mageiþ meljan managiza waurde fram izwaraim “articles” (ƕaiwa qiþada þata?). ni filu manne rodjand gutiska razda ei fraþjan (ik ni mag ;)).

    awiliudo izwis!


      • Thanks man. I’ve been studying on my own for a while online. It’s hard to learn when almost all you do is read though. Is there any forum or whatever where one could conversate in gothic? It would help tremendously.

        For learning this site has been of great use. Also koeblergehard’s dictionaries as well as some other sites. The idea of publishing news articles in gothic is simply great by the way! I gotta ask – do you consider yourself fluent in gothic (or well, as fluent as one could get)?

        I’m looking forward to further updates. 😉


      • Unfortunately, although I would be interested in such a forum, it doesn’t exist yet, but would be a good place to unite all speakers. We need someone able to create a good forum. You could join the gothic-L facebook group, some people in there speak just as well as you.

        As for if I consider myself fluent. Up to a certain extent, at basic level yes, but I can’t form neologisms on my own or translate philosophical treaties.


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