Im leitila action


The e-book can be downloaded for free until the 5th of april, that means that is the last day.


Im leitila free e-book available exclusively tomorrow


Due to the book released in almost all languages over the world there’ll be a special action tomorrow, you can download a free e-book of im leitila, the Gothic edition and all other editions.

This will only be at the 2nd of april, 2016.

A Gothic inscription found in Jerusalem


A new inscription in Gothic has been found in Jerusalem. It is thought to be taken there by Templars in the medieval age. Professor Jacob Steinberg from Israel has identified it as Gothic. Pictures haven’t been released yet.

Dr. Steinberg: “At first we were surprised and thought it was Semitic, but we saw that it was actually Gothic. The inscription says ‘In namin unsaris fns’, which translates as ‘in the name of our lord, fraujins abbreviated as fns”.

The rest hasn’t been identified yet.