Ukrajna wili Kreim aftra ganiman


Gaqumþs mundis Ukrajnos wodanisdaga garehsn harjis gaskop, in þammei Rusalanda swaswe sa mikilsta militariska andastaþs gaumjada.

“Ni andniman ei Ukrajna swes reiki ist, in usmeta fauramaþle Rusalandis filu ist”, qaþ sa Ukrajniska reiks Paurausjainko (49). In þis ukrajnisks harjis und jer 2020 miþ frijondam Gawidanaize Reikje Rusaland atsaihvan skuld ist.

Miþ stodeinai gawidanane reikje garehsns habaiþ markos “freihalsa ganiman gauje”. Ukrajna wili aftra reikinon Luhanska, Donjaitska jah Kreima.

2 responses to “Ukrajna wili Kreim aftra ganiman

  1. a nice work you’ve done, I’m personally interested in all ancient Germanic languages but haven’t found any Gothic reading materials, but this website is brilliant, thank you for your masterpiece.


    • Filu awiliudo þus! Thank you very much! Yes, this website was inspirer by websites with Latin and Hebrew news and wanted to offer news in another ancient language. There is really not much in Gothic except for the bible and some childrens’ books, so this news site was designed to offer more and actual news material.

      We are now working together with the Spanish asatru COE to publish bigger books in gothic.


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