Lutz Bagamanna ist alþa jah niuja Paigidawalds

Alþa Paigidawalds Lutz Bagamanna aftra waldiþ. Faura menoþ ainamma hiuhma Paigida sik silba gatairida. Nu alþa walds Lutz Bagamanna aftra waldiþ.

Hiuhma saei wiþra islam ist, in þliuhandahatisis ni waila kunþs in medjai was. Tatjana Faistairligg, airizo AFD andbahti, sei nu jah in Paigidai gamainiþ, gramnida mans.

Gatairan = to disabolis
in þliuhandahatisis = because of hate against refugees
Andbahti = female politician
Gramnan = to let get angry


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